Campfire Finds

A few weeks ago, I went up to my good friend Michelle’s cottage, a summer tradition since high school, and the locale of this beauty of a view:IMG_2388While there, we had the requisite campfire in the evening, s’mores and all ( we made them with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers, and really, whoa! Life-changing!). [Insert blurry photo of Molly next to said campfire here:]IMG_2393

They had recently replaced the old wooden dock with one of those fancy “Dock-in-a-box” ones (giggle, giggle), and we were fueling our campfire with pieces of the old dock, many of them that still had the old hardware attached to them:

IMG_0428I realized this as we were sitting around the fire and they were glowing red-hot in the embers. So of course, being myself, I think these are super cool and want them (once cooled, of course), even though I have no logical use for them. However, I am certain they can be made into something awesome and unique. So, Michelle’s wonderful boyfriend Dave completely humored me ( mostly because he reads this blog, I think- Hi Dave!), and the next morning he stirred through the ashes and rescued a bunch of the hardware pieces for me:IMG_0425

An idea began to build in my head once I saw the pile Dave had dug out for me, and as I am completely neurotic, and needed just a few more, I dug a bit deeper into the fire pit, eventually coming up with the perfect number of pieces I wanted, and some very dirty hands (no one ever said creativity was always clean).IMG_0427 IMG_0426

Needless to say, when I came home with a beer case full of my filthy, ashy, rusty campfire goodies and showed my husband, he thought I was nuts (par for the course with these types of things, really). But I have a really great idea for these babies, something that when I’m done will be great for cottage-y decor. And really, we’ve spent a lot of time on that dock over the last decade (ugh, we’re getting old), so they’ve got some history & sentimental value attached to them too!

Do you think I’m as crazy as my hubby does, for digging out old rusty dock pieces from a campfire? Or do you see how great these could be too!?! Now I just have to carry through on my idea… but they’ll be great when I’m done!

Happy Friday!